Two problems with a new installation of SuiteCRM!

Hi my friends!

I have two problems with a new installation of SuiteCRM.
[li]Just after installing SuiteCRM, open the Chrome devtools. I see this.[/li]
[li]Just after installing SuiteCRM, I go to the Marketing/Contacts menu, or Support/Cases menu, etc., and see this. I know this problem “disappear” if I disable AJAX for these modules in “Configure AJAX User Interface”. [color=#008800]But I want AJAX[/color]. I do not want to disable AJAX.[/li]

How to solve these two problems?

I tried the following:
[li]“Rebuild Schedulers”. I click on “Rebuild”. PHP returns this error: [color=#ff0000]Warning: Division by zero in /modules/Schedulers/language/en_us.lang.php on line 154[/color][/li]
[li]“Rebuild Javascript Languages”[/li]
[li]“Repair JS Files”. This option returns “undefined”.[/li]

[/ul]What’s going on?


I would recommend that you run the following permissions commands on your instance:

sudo chown -R <User>:<Group> .    (Replace <user> and <group> with Your Apache/IIS user and group.)
sudo chmod -R 755 .
sudo chmod -R 775 cache custom modules themes data upload config_override.php

After this, Navigate to your config.php file and find the array:
‘default_permissions’ =>
array (
‘dir_mode’ => ,
‘file_mode’ => ,
‘user’ => ‘’,
‘group’ => ‘’,

and fill in the values:

‘default_permissions’ =>
array (
‘dir_mode’ => 1517,
‘file_mode’ => 420,
‘user’ => ‘’,
‘group’ => ‘’,

Again, replace and with the Apache/IIS user and group.

After this, Run a Quick Repair and Rebuild in your CRM. This can be found in Admin > Repair
On the screen that appears, the Results screen, Scroll down and if any changes appear with an “Execute” option, click “Execute”
If you execute any changes, Run another Quick Repair and Rebuild.

Then, navigate to Admin > Repair and run a “Repair JS Grouping files”

When this has finished, Run another Quick repair and rebuild, Clear your Browser’s cache, CTRL + F5, and see if these issues are now resolved.

John, thanks for answering.

I saw the log into cPanel. All errors are related to permissions.

For instance:

  1. [Fri Nov 13 11:44:58 2015] [error] [client] SoftException in Application.cpp:313: File “…/my_suitecrm/themes/SuiteR/css/colourSelector.php” is writeable by group, referer:
  2. [Fri Nov 13 11:44:53 2015] [crit] [client] (13)Permission denied: …/my_suitecrm/cache/jsLanguage/.htaccess pcfg_openfile: unable to check htaccess file, ensure it is readable, referer:

I do not have SSH. Therefore I can not run the “sudo chown …” command.
I assign permissions with Filezilla.

I ask two things:

[color=#0000ff]ONE - [/color] Assign permissions to the console, and b) assign permissions with Filezilla; is the same. Do not?
[color=#0000ff]TWO - [/color] John, I know my Apache user. But I do not know what my group. How do I get the name of my group in Apache without the console?


Hello all, I’m new here and to SuiteCRM. I had this same issue in Chrome. I right clicked the screen and then clicked on Inspect.
In MY scenario, it appeared I had a Chrome Plugin that was giving me grief. I turned off my Allow Right Click plugin, and refreshed, which fixed my “division by zero…” issue.


PS: if anyone can assist me with my Inbound Email issue (no inbound at all), it would be super.