Turn off merge records for external posts

Hi Guys,
I am working on a system that uses a post from external locations to add records to leads. Often times, different companies will post the same lead.

Currently, if the lead is a close match the system will sometimes update and sometimes create a new record. And, worse, it may even update a record and change the lead_source.

I would like for it to always create a new record and never perform an update. Can this be done with the admin tools? If not, could you suggest where I might find the code to change. Any help is appreciated. :blush:


What is the


Is this Personal form of Campaignes module?

or something else…

Thanks for your reply. Clients send leads to the CRM by posting them from their own software.

I don’t have access to their software but I can post to it from my home computer using a standard web app form I created for testing.

I believe it’s something else. I am new to SuiteCRM and to this gig but the code is not inside the modules directory and grep Campaign has no results in code tree.

Is there any chance I can cause it to only create records, never update, using the admin tools? Or will I have to fix it in the code?

With a little digging in the code I believe I have the answer.

UPDATE or INSERT will be determined on whether you include the id in the call to sugarcrm->addEditLead(leadobj) (right?).

There are two execution paths in the code and the id is included in one and not the other. I think there is no chance I can fix that in the admin console.


This isn’t part of code SuiteCRM. Perhaps it’s custom code. which somebody wrote.

  • I don’t know how work their own software. Is it use API of SuiteCRM?
  • Do you have access to code of SuiteCRM or only web interface?

Yes you were right. It’s custom code and it makes use of REST service… To get the required action was simple after I understood the code and realized it was not possible for an admin tool to change the behavior.

Hi @Mike2
You need to manage these things from the Post Call URL. In that, there is some code to add Entry in the Lead Module of the SuiteCRM so you can manage like if any Company posts Lead then it’ll add Lead in SuiteCRM and don’t need to check if this Lead exists or not. Using this your Lead Updation problem will be fixed

Thank you for your reply. I have fixed the problem and you described the solution. On the Post URL page: changed the code to simply set the current id as an empty string.

Yes, Thanks,
You Welcome :blush: