Trouble uploading module

Hello All,

In a fresh SuiteCRM 7.4.3 installation I am attempting to upload a module.

The error I get is: Specified directory ‘’ for zip file ‘upload://’ extraction does not exist.

I did a Quick Repair and rebuild but it still does not work.

What can I look for?



witch module, witch your environment. (php version, apache, …)

It’s a permission issue at the first look
Put 755 as permission in this folder… and see what append.
There a many script in this forum for do a good permission.


witch module, witch your environment. (php version, apache, ....)
This must be required for all question


Thanks for the reply. I am uploading a customized module from another system, in this case the Bugs module.

The OS is CENTOS, PHP 5.3.3, Apache, mysql

Which folder should I set at 755 permissions? The upload folder is already 755.

I checked on the server upload folder and the file is uploaded, yet the error comes up and the file does not show in the list of module to be installed.



I found
and made the edit, still no joy.

and this,
but my config.php was already setup that way.

On my Windows installation I have no trouble uploading, just on all my dev and production CENTOS installs.


More update:

It appears that what is happening is the custom module is being uploaded to the /upload folder when it should actually be going to /upload/upgrades/module

Not sure why it’s not getting where it should go but this is big hassle not be able to install modules.


Uncommenting line 295 in the first file you linked did the trick for me:

	 //  return @chmod($filename, $mode);