Travel Module in SuiteCRM

Dear Team,

Can someone suggest or guide is any Travel Module available for SuiteCRM?

Also, please let me know how to enable 360 View for Customer & Account in SuiteCRM?

Thanks in advance.

please explain what you expect from a “Travel module”, maybe there is an addon or customization that we can suggest.

Regarding the 360 view:
Suite already has that. The subpanels below the fields indicate all related objects like quotes, calls, meetings and so on. Is there anything further that you’re missing?


The basic features we expect from the Travel Module are as under:

  • Itinerary Builder (Day wise), with all the inclusions, exclusions & services.
  • Dynamic Quotation based on various travel services included.
  • 2 way communication for the same Query / File Number between the Customer/Client and the Suppliers / Vendors dealing with respective required services.

Coming down to the 360 degree view I would like to have a intuitive dashboard like view once the contact is selected. Viz. number fo calls, meetings, tasks, quotes etc. along with the first purchase, latest purchase, total revenue, avg. revenue etc.

regarding the 360-view: you could calculate these KPIs using workflows and save them directly in the contact. You could display them afterwards as a regular (read-only) field.

Alternatively, there are some addons in the store that could work for you:

I never tried them, but they offer a free trial.

The travel module sounds much more complicated, I guess there is no addon available that covers your requirements (but could be probably done with custom modules + a lot of custom code and time).

My understanding is that you would have a Booking module on Top where the booking details and all top level information would reside. Bookings module would have a Sub Module displaying subpanel under it with name “Trip Days” this will have details for each individual day of the Trip and that will have all the Inclusions/exclusions/services for ONE day of the Booking.

Dynamic quotes can be generated with custom code only. You need some good programmer to do that for you. This will be a lot of customisations.

Communication for any Customer(Account or Contact) goes under its Activities and history subpanels


Thank you for your mail. In regards to 360 appreciate the details shared by you.

For the travel module I am okay for customisation provided its not extremely time taking and pocket friendly.

Hi @farsight, did you managed to find a travel module to fit your need? If so, I’d be interested in hearing about it.

Thanks Mike