Transfer field values from specific record and contact to new record on record creation

Hello together,

I am using the Version 7.10.9 SuiteCRM
I have created 2 custom modules via module builder: “MODULE_WS” and “MODULE_TW” both are related with a Many-to-One relationship to CONTACTS

  • CONTACTS One-to-Many “MODULE_WS“
  • CONTACTS One-to-Many “MODULE_TW“
  • MODULE_WS One-to-Many “MODULE_TW“

On record creation in “MODULE_TW“ i want to add a dropdown field which will list all existing records from “MODULE_WS“ AND “MODULE_TW“ of the related CONTACT.

The dropdown list should look like this:

MODULE_WS – Name of custom field here
MODULE_TW – Name of custom field here
MODULE_TW – Name of custom field here
MODULE_TW – Name of custom field here

RECORD-SHORTDESCRIPTION is a custom field which i created

If the key user selects one record from this dropdown --> severall field values from selected record should be assumed to the actual record which the key user wants to create. By saving the new record the fields should be stored in database table of “MODULE_TW”.

I want to build this to save time on record creation because many fields of the previews record are also necessary to complete dataset of the new record.
I was playing around with calculated field in workflows but i think workflows aren’t the right way to do this?
How can i “map” the fields whose values has to be transfered?

I would really appreciate if someone can guide me throughout the steps to complete.

Workflows are the correct way to do it, if you can get them working for your case. Other solutions may become necessary if you run into some limitation of Workflows.

Are you a PHP developer? Have a look at the Developer guide, you could make an after_save logic hook to copy those values, using the Bean objects.