Transfer data between suitecrm servers

We are running SuiteCrm Version 7.7.8 on one server (A) and SuiteCrmVersion 7.11.15 on another server (B). The server (A)Version 7.7.8 has all our data for years and the 7.11.15 is a new server that we want to “clone” the data from server A to B is this possible please and what steps should we take please?

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No, that’s not the way to do things… the version need to match while you’re migrating. Don’t mix the migration with the upgrade, these need to be two separate steps.

This should help you:

Thank you for the reply good info here. So we now have 2 servers with same os and same suitecrm version - how do we migrate the database, customizations and photos/documents etc please… rsync…?

For this we re using UBUNTU 18.04 and Version 7.11.15

Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

The steps would be to take Server (A) and CLONE it on Server (B) with everything. Now from here you start Upgrading SuiteCRM version to latest one. Once the upgrade finishes, you can test to see everything works and that customisations are intact (if they were upgrade safe).

cherub-chum thank you for reply I tried to clone the server using clonezilla but after cloning the cloned drive would not boot - i did this like 5 times. i was cloning ubuntu 18.04. Thank you.

If you can just copy Files and DB to the new server, will that be possible? server B with fresh Install of LAMP

cherub thank you again. yes we can add LAMP and Suitecrm? same version to server B. To copy the files from A to B should we use RSYNC? Or is there a better way to move db and files to B. We did try cloning A with clonezilla but it did not work - the clone would not boot. …

Here are the steps for Upgrading your SuiteCRM

  1. Install LAMP with all PHP extensions needed for SuiteCRM.
  2. Copy your Old SuiteCRM files and DB to this Fresh Instance.
  3. Upgrade SuiteCRM via Upgrade Wizard to the Latest Version.

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We now have 2 servers both with same SuiteCrm version etc… A. has data on it - leads, uploads, customization etc… B. is empty. I read the “Preparing for a Larger Upgrade” very good information here. Our question is how do we transfer over the database and other data from A to B. Should we use rsync or is there another better way to do it that you recommend please? PS since we have installed SuiteCrm 3 times now successfully we are also trying to help anyone else that has install issues i.e. trying to give back the help.

Thank you.

Since Server B has same CRM, you can copy your data/files/upload/customisations to it. Now from here, you can start the Upgrade Wizard (Admin -> Upgrade) from your existing CRM version to the latest version based on packages available for your version.
If the upgrade goes smooth your instance would be ready to use after the process ends.
If you face any conflicts/issues, please report here.

And for the database, just use mysqldump from the command-line, or a full export from phpMyAdmin. Both methods are very well documented in many sites online :+1:

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am getting this error using mysqldump -

Got error: 2002: Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock’ (2) when trying to connect

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