Tracking who clicks on a variable that is a URL

I am writing a campaign email and I want to send each recipient a URL that is specific to that recipient. This is what I have done sofar;
I have created a custom field “custom_url” in the targets, via Studio. That is the URL for the specific landing page that I want to send each target to.It is different for every target.
I have verified that as I insert that field as a variable into the campaign email it resolves correctly and displays the specific URL of each target.

This is where I am stuck - I would like to put a tracker on that url to see who actually clicks on it and goes to their own specific page within our website. If I insert a tracker this will send them to the url specified in the tracker, and that would then send all targets to the same page rather than to the target-specific page.

Any ideas on how I can get by this?

I am using Version 7.2.1, Sugar Version 6.5.18 (Build 1110).

You would need to customise SuiteCRM tracker URL’s to make them target specific, as they are currently campaign specific.


Thanks for the reply. That sounds like a sizeable job - have you got any pointers as to how much work would be involved? Maybe the view is worth the climb!