Top menu base colour not visable

Did a fresh install of Bitnami stack 7.1.5 then an upgrade to 7.2.1. After the upgrade, the top menu base is white. I’ve changed the colour in the theme module a number of times, but it remains white. I’ve cleared my browser cache and tried different browsers that had no cache…same result.

Any suggestions?

Quick Repair & Rebuild in Admin -> Repair, clear cache(as you have done), logout/login, Ctrl+F5.



Thanks for the suggestions. Tried all those, but still no top menu background.

I had this same problem for a few days, and then it suddenly seemed to solve itself. No idea what the original problem was though.

I did do an apt-upgrade on my Ubuntu server though, so maybe it was something missing/out-of-date in Apache or PHP that caused the problem.