To make fields readonly for non admin or non managers and ask permission for read and write

I am using SugarCRM7.6.4. I want the customosation as follows:
Once user(excluding manager or admin) save something(for example contacts) When he click edit all fiedlds must be readonly.
If he wants to edit some thing he asks permission to admin or manager through mail.
If admin or manager gives permission then only the fields turns readonly to read and write.

So for this solution i searched a lot but not got any solution. Please solve the issue.
Thanks in advance

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This is not out of the box behaviour and sounds like it would require quite a bit of custom code to make it work. I’m afraid it’s not something I could easily talk you through how to do in a forum message.

If you are willing to pay for this development then I would recommend filling in the form below and we should be able to provide you with a quote:

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I wonder if this could be achieved with Security Groups…

  • have a workflow immediately assign a record to somebody else after creation or editing (instead of leaving it assigned to the person creating the record)

  • for everybody except managers, restrict editing access to all records except those assigned directly to the user

  • when asking permission from the manager, they would give permission by assigning the record to the user so he could then edit it (losing permission immediately afterwards)