I’m really new in this business, so I have some questions:

What are Targets, Tasks and Cases for?
I’d like to have a sort of “to-do-list” for my sales colleagues e.g. they can see on what Quote/Call they have to work on.

If I export the KReport in CSV file, I always get the wrong date. e.g. the meeting start at 10:00 but when i export the file they suddenly start at 08:00. Is this a excel problem?

Maybe you have a user guide in german?

Best wishes


Todolist for me is Tasks. (for me with info you give)

All date is stored in database at GMT.
User preferences define the GMT+1 or more.
Maybe export have a bug or it’s so but in excel you can make a simple function to add x hours.
Maybe in php.ini, you must set the GMT too

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and what are Targets and Cases for?

NIMO, nobody is going to answer such generic questions in these forums, there are dozens of answers easily discoverable through Google.

There is even a link to the documentation in the previous answer you received…

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