Tips on organizing cases vs projects

I just started playing with SuiteCRM and so far I am very impressed. I was wondering what the best way to organize the information I need to track would be.

I run a small data recovery company. Clients are mainly referred to us by computer repair shops. I would like to track those referrals as well as manage the workflow for each job. For our partners who refer people to us making them an Account and listing people in those companies as Contacts seems like the way to go.

My question is, how do I manage the jobs I receive? Each job is associated with a customer who is (usually but not always) referred to us by a partner. Each job also has a set of tasks which is the same for each job (send shipping label to customer, recover data, send data back, send thank you note, etc).

I see a way to associate Cases with Accounts but not Projects? What is the best way to organize these jobs? Also, I see that projects have due dates. I could just pick any random date, but our jobs don’t have due dates, is there a way to skip this field?

Thanks in advance for anybody who can help me figure this out :slight_smile:

Maybe projects is overkill just for a standard sequence of tasks.

You could use just Cases, and a custom field representing the current stage.

A more complex alternative would be to use Tasks associated to the Case. This makes it easy to assign. You could then have workflows to automatically create these tasks, one after the other.

So for example, when a task for “send shipping label to customer” is completed, the workflow would create another with “Recover data”, etc.