TinyMCE in Email Template


i need some advise.

where can i find this tinymce enable option for the email templates in SuiteCRM 7.10.9? i made a lot of templates in the last days with tinymce.

but i installed SuiteCRM on a 2. server and i can´t find anymore this thinymce option under the user tab. :S

any ideas ?

Big Thanks

yes, but this dropdown its not there anymore


i got it.

i was going back to the main theme. now i can see the dropdown.

just bought this sougar project theme and there is the tiny not there.

Thanks again.

To access this you have to be logged in as the user who wants to change the editor then:

. click on the user name at the top right of the screen: a drop down appears
. click on Profile: the user profile tab of the user is opened in edit mode
. scroll to the bottom and you find the option

The screenshopt you are showing is only a part of the screen so I cannot recognise it and I don’t know if it is the same. In any case it is quite different from the screen I have attached.

My screenshot was produced on the fly from the official demo, which is 7.10,10.

If yours is different it probably means that your system has something wrong. Maybe the language pack, permissions, some customisation or something else that you should investigate.

I have just checked on an older version and your bug appears to be confirmed, so, maybe you should consider upgrading to the latest (take a full back-up of bot db and files in case you do)


Yes, The Theme was different. The Problem was in this Template: http://www.sugar-project.com

I switched back and now its working.

I am checking with a few different versions of 7.8.X using the standard Suite-P theme and I am finding that the dropdown is missing. However I can’t remember if this option was introduced in 7.9.