TINYMCE add more options?

For some reason TinyMCE only loads the default setup (which is very limited), when you install SuiteCRM.

I managed to changed the code and updated it as per pastebin here:

Any ideas how to enable a more full version of Tiny?
One thing I miss for example is the ability to add a image to a email which normally would be a pretty simple thing…

Is there some overview page with options list somewhere on how to configure TinyMCE?

Kind regards

Hi PowerQuest - did you find an answer to this? I see all the help appears to relate to the Emails module . I want to change the color of text in a WYSIWYG field. The javascript in the include folder (modules/Emails/include/ComposeView/EmailsComposeView.js) has fontcolor option specified (in the defaults settings) - but this option does not appear in the field editor for my WYSIWYG field in the Accounts module. Does anyone know where the equivalent javascipt for editing a field (in the Accounts module) lives? I think I know the edit I need to do once I know where the file is…