They do not send emails per campaign.

Someone who can help me with the campaigns. I have installed sugarcrm Version 7.9.4 I have configured the email and the email is sent.I believe the campaign is all right
I send the campaign
But it does not come out, it stays in the shipping line.
I force automatic shipping, but it does not work.
It does not give me any shipping error.

Can anybody help me ?
Thank you.

That version is very old and buggy, you should really update.

What happens when you press to send the emails immediately, from the email queue?

You can check your logs for any more messages when the campaign tries to send.

This is the problem that does not leave any error in the log.
He does not give me any message. I’m going to try to update to a more modern version.
I did not know that this was so old. Maybe that’s how it is solved.
I will tell you.

Well I have installed a more modern version 7.11.2, I have created the configuration of incoming and outgoing emails. I do the tests and send the emails.
I create the campaign.
I send the test and it does not work, nothing comes out.
My suitecrm.log I put it in case someone can know what happens.

Thank you very much to all.

Have you set up your cron jobs? That is a pre-requisite for Campaigns to work.

You can see in Admin / Email queue, you probably have your emails queued there but the Scheduled job that actually sends them might not be running.

Because I am on a shared server I can not access the crontab, I can access by writing a php file and launching it from a control panel.

I have done the following
I have created a file that I have called cronnuevo.php (I have changed the name because where this suitecrm already exists a cron.php) I have put the following:

<? php php -f cron.php> / dev / null 2> & 1 ?>

I’m totally new to this, I do not know if it’s correct. I have put the configuration that puts in the forums.

And I have put it on scheduled tasks of my shared hosting.
This is correct?
Thank you.

No, that is not correct. :stuck_out_tongue:

On a shared server usually you set up the cron jobs in CPanel, there should be an option somewhere to add that line. Your Hosting’s support might assist you.

Hi .
Can you advise me that I have to put in this scheduled tasks?
what file do I have to call?

I have managed to put the cron.php in the tasks. But give this error
Warning: exec () has been disabled for security reasons in /home/u106252771/domains/ on line 452
Any ideas?

That’s just a warning, that code is ready to work even with “exec” disabled.

Ignore that and tell me if you have any further troubles.