Theme Color Selection 7.2 Production Release

After upgrading from 7.1.5 to the 7.2 production release, I no longer see the option to edit the theme settings under Advanced OpenAdmin. I’m thinking that maybe all files did not get installed? I do not see any errors with google developer tools on the admin screen.

What file should I be looking for or has this option been removed?

I do not see this option in either SuiteR or Suite7

other than this, I have not run into any major issues so far on the new 7.2 release. Really liking the SuiteR theme! Awesome work!!!

Hi SuiteConvert,

The theme picker is now theme specific and can be seen under Admin -> Themes.

Thank you for your feed back, it is much appreciated by the team.



Hi Will,

I see where I can select the different themes, Suite7 or SuiteR but I don’t see where you can change the color for each theme. This option was under Advanced OpenAdmin before on 7.1.5.
Is changing the colors of a theme still possible?

Hi SuiteConvert,

Click on the theme name within ‘Themes’.

The colour picker should show.




Once I clicked on the Theme name, in Themes I was taken to the Theme Configurator, excellent

Thanks again!