The Template Has Crashed??


I have been working last night on the CRM, but this morning I wake up to find it like this!

I believe it is the template, as I can’t see any error page. It feels like the header has expanded and hides all the content below. But buttons are not working and I can’t do anything. I manage to access the Admin Panel, but I can only access the bottom half and I am not sure what to do…

This is a standard installation of Suite CRM, I didn’t change the template either customised any file. The only thing I recall I could have done was using the repair buttons, to see if they would make disappear some popups I start seeing after what it seems to have been a bad update to the latest version.

Any help is highly appreciated…

*** See ScreenShot Here:

These are also typical permissions problems.

Let’s keep this conversation on the other thread:

I will await for your answer there.