The order of things - detail view on mobiles

Studio allows you to create two columns of fields. A line is drawn between the columns to separate/group them and the user tends to read down the first column, and then the second. This works fairly well present data in the detail view on a larger screen (apart from when multiline input boxes are used - and tabbing order etc) .

However, on a mobile, the fields are read in order across the page, rather than down the column, so the idea of a column is completely lost.

This essentially breaks any logic in the way data is laid out. It would be much better if the smaller screen showed all fields from the first column, followed by the fields in the second column.

Am i missing a setting to achieve this somewhere?

Hey @Bungle,

From what I can see there is no way to achieve that, the system is just using Bootstrap’s responsive grid mechanism and they also seem to use css flex-grid quite a bit. If you inspect the code you’ll see container, row, col, d-flex classes.

On mobile view it is breaking down according to the bootstrap grid system’s way of breaking down on mobile, see: Grid system · Bootstrap v4.6

and I haven’t seen any detailviewdefs.php specific for mobile…

Maybe you could do a feature request on github?? not sure how feature requests are handled…

I see, thanks anthony, ill try to add a feature request - i cant be the only one who would find it useful