The multi-part identifier could not be bound

Hello everyone,

Can anybody help me on this issue please.
The multi-part identifier could not be bound. ???
How can I resolve this?


SuiteCRM version?

Which screen is that in?

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Hi pgr,

I’m sorry I’m new to suiteCRM and as well as to this community. Hreafter, I’ll follow the guidelines and thanks for the advises.

My SuiteCRM version is : Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)
This is coming in all the windows I’m trying to open. (suitecrm.log)

Thanks. Appreciate your support.


Hi, no problem, we’re all here to learn. :slight_smile:

You’re still not giving me the SuiteCRM version, that is the SugarCRM version which has been static for years.

Your error is something I’ve never seen, after over 10000 posts on these forums. Please try to give me more information. Can you post a longer section of your logs?

Is this a new installation? Does it work well, apart from this message? Do you see many labels as undefined in several screens?