The Amount from the quote is displayed incorrectly when I create an Opportunity.

I am using SuiteCRM 7.1.4. My quotes shows a grand total of 14.437,50 and when I create an Opportunity from it the Opportunity Amount changes to 1.443.750,00.

I have already done a Quick Repair and Rebuild and I still have the same issue. It appears as if it is trying to do a currency conversion. How do I tell SuiteCRM not to do a conversion.

Thanks in advance

Are you using a custom currency?

It could be a currency issue.

If you can detail the currency you are using, we can investigate further.

Hi Will,

Yes, I replaced the default currency to the following settings: USD to BRL, the symbol of $ to R$ and “,” to “.”.

Example: R$1.000,00 vs $1,000.00.

This system is used in Brazil and I need the currency to use only the BRL currency.

Thanks in advance.