Testing bounced emails


I’ve set up a target list and I am testing that I have SuiteCRM set up correctly before I import all my Sugar Targets.

My problem is that SuiteCRM does not seem to process test messages that bounce…I’ve set up bounce@mydomain.com which does create a bounced message in my bounce email account. However SuiteCRM does not import it.

I have set up inbound and outbound mail accounts…the crontab has been set…when I look at scheduled tasks I can see last run is updated - when I run a test campaign the emails are sent - one valid and one invalid. Campaign status show the two sent emails - but not the bounce.

What else have I missed?



As an update I am using
Version 7.7.8
Sugar Version 6.5.24 (Build 509)
On CentOS 6 VPS

Hello, did you found an issue ? i have the same problem.


Version 7.8.1


Yes I did - I basically did a fresh install of 7.7.9 and it works now - for me!

Good luck