Team management

The model of the hierarchy of the purchasing department is as following:

The problem I encounter is:
I have three roles
Role BUYER : should view its department and contracts
Role GROUP LEADER: Must see the departement and contracts of persons belonging to his team.

For example : The Group Leader 3 must view all managed by Buy 6,
Buy 7, Buy 8, Buy 9 and all of their contracts

And the last one Role Purchasing Director: must visualize all

INFOS: SuiteCRM v7.1.5


As I have understood your diagram, I can suggest you to manage it following way.

  • Create role : Dir Role, GL Role and Buyer Role.
  • Create group : Buyer Group.

Assign Dir Role to PM ( a user ).
Assign GL Role to GL ( a user ).
Assign Buyer Role to Buyer Group.

GL ( a user ) should be member of buyer group.
Dir (a user ) should be member of buyer group.

Please make sure that following options are checked in Security Groups Management: Configure section of Admin.

For Role : Additive Rights, User Role Precedence,
For Group : Inherit from Created By User, Inherit from Assigned To User

I hope I have address your concern.

Thanks and Regards,
Alpesh Savaliya

concerning the roles Dir, GL and Buyer, their type of option should be “assigned”

This structure includes the assignment of each user.

GL1 is assigned to the service 1,2,3
GL2 is assigned to Service 4.5
GL3 is assigned to Service 6.7

service 1: contains 3 departments

Buy1: is assigned to dept1.3
Buy2: is assigned to dept1.1, dept1.2,

Service 2: contains 1seul department
Buy 2 is assigned to dept2.1

Service 3: contains 2 departments
Buy1: is assigned to dept3.2
Buy2: is assigned to dept3.1

Hi ,

What is your functional requirements based on which you have drawn graph ?

this graph accurately reflect the structure of the organization to which I work,
Dept and Srv they are entities