Tasks: User can not set due date for task

Hi there,

we have an issue here:
a user (same roles, rights, e.g. as my non-admin-user) can not save a due date for tasks he creates in his contacts module for any given contact.

he get’s an 500 internal error logged at the console in his browser.

I can not recreate this issue - if I do the exact same or try to set a due date on a task he created - it works fine with my user.

Can anyone help where to start?
Creating tasks with due dates is one of the very important tasks we need to do with our crm.

Thank you in advance

sounds tricky, other users aren’t affected? Have you compared the user settings (date format etc.)? Or maybe a hook/workflow only active for this particular user/his group?
I would also ask him if he can re-try the whole process in an incognito window.

We have checked the scenario on our CRM Instance for SuiteCRM 7.10.x and 7.11.x and it’s working properly. We’re not facing this kind of issue.
Is it possible for you to share your CRM Credentials, Server Details where you have hosted your CRM for checking your issue at skype : urvi.variance ?

I could fix it with deactivating AOD …
Still sometimes due-Dates are shown in DD.MM.YYYY sometimes in YYYY-MM-DD
but that’s no big deal at all.