Tasks Module Related To dropdown


For some reason I can’t get certain custom modules to appear in the Tasks ‘Related To’ field dropdown list. I can add relations to these modules in code easily but nothing I do seems to make them appear in the dropdown.

Do only certain Module types appear in this list i.e. company and person beans?


Hi John,

You can add options to the parent_type_display dropdown. This should make the modules appear as an option at least. I’m unsure if there’s any further changes needed but that should be a good start.


Hi Jim,

Thanks for the quick response.

I did think of manually adding the required modules to the dropdown, just thought it was a bit hacky and it was annoying me why they weren’t appearing.



I did that, but I get a “Error: Module Horse_Info does not exist.” message. Any idea?


All fixed, I had to re-re-deploy my package and it worked fine. :cheer: :cheer: