Task should be a day before the meeting (should be morning)

Hi All,

Just wondering if this is possible in the workflow:

A meeting has been set. The task should fire a day before the meeting but it should be in the morning (let’s say 10:am for example).

I am very confused on how to achieve this in the workflow.

Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks.


An appropriate condition may be:

Meetings > Start Date > Less than or Equal to > Date > Now + 1 Days

This would mean that if the Meeting Start date is between Now and 24 Hours from now, the workflow will fire.


Sorry if I am not clear.

The task will be dependent on the start date of the meeting.
Let’s say the meeting will be on Sept. 8, 2015 (regardless of time) - the task due date should be: Sept. 7, 2015 10:00am

should have exact time of 10:00am… It this possible with workflow?

Is there anything that I should enable to have a dropdown selection for exact time under actions?


Any idea please?


You are unable to choose exact times with Workflow actions, however you could make the Task Due Date 24 hours before the Meeting Start date with the Action:

Due Date > Date > Start Date - 24 Hours

I have attached an image of this for clarity.

This should make the Task’s Due date equal 24 Hours before the Meeting Start date. If this is not enough time, you can increase the number of hours to a more suitable timeframe for the task.

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Hi John,

Too bad that we can’t set the exact time for start date or due date when firing a task.

On the other hand, thank you for your time in explaining this. I appreciate it. :wink: