Targets in Test Target List are suppressed

Very frequent, some targets in the Test Target List will be suppressed when sending test email.

The email addresses are definitely valid. It is quite random which email address will be suppressed and when it will happen.

I thought targets in Test Target List should not be suppressed at all.

You’re probably re-sending the same Campaign. These supressions are a feature, not a bug: it keeps you from sending to the same person twice.

To re-send a Campaign you need to use a different “marketing” id or even start a new Campaign.

I am aware of this feature but I think it only applies to Default Target List. This is because i can send the same test campaign email many times using the same Marketing id if none of the targets are suppressed.

Additional information: I only have 2 or 3 targets in the Test Target List. Sometimes, only 1 or 2 targets are suppressed when sending the test emails

Yes, to reuse the suppressed targets, I have to create new Marketing id.

I have a trick I use to avoid suppression and keep using the same test emails. This works only with Gmail addresses.

It seems Gmail ignores dots in email addresses, so these are all the same to Gmail:

But they are not the same to SuiteCRM, so when I change the dot it will not trigger the suppression mechanism.