Target lists: just need a clarification

Hello All, a clarification please while builgin Target Lists: I create a terget list, then I want to fill the list with Tergets

I go to TARGET LIST / TARGETS dashlet, I DO NOT SELECT Create but right click on the drop down and choose SELECT, new windows opens to select the targets.

I was expecting to find the list of the contacts I can see ( in the groups I own for example) then select them and make those contact Targets

Is this assumption right or wrong? Because in the Target list I don’t see andy contact listes to be ‘moved’ into a target

The only option I have seen to turn a contact into a target is List the contacts, select Add to Target List , select the contacts I want to turn into targets and assign to a target list…

What if would like to convert contacts into targets, so I can pick them up later while building target lists?



You’d need to build custom functionality to ‘Convert’ Contacts to targets. Targets are a different entity altogether. Thanks, Will.

At the heart of this is the need for a clear definition of how a Target differs from a Contact. You can add Contacts to a Target list and they will be used in the same way in a campaign, I would not advise converting Contacts to Targets, instead select from Contacts to add to your Target list.

Thank you, all clear now