Tags - Custom module - want to change HTML of subpanel

Hi all!

First of all a big thank you to the team behind SuiteCRM and the community. I realy appreaciate this project. I also want to contribute to SuiteCRM. Therefore, if any one is interested, I would donate this module (as is or once it is ready) to the project.

I recently saw that somebody asked for tagging in SuiteCRM. As I am currently statring to dive into SuiteCRM development, I thought this might be a good starting point. I decided not to create a custom field type but a module. The Tags can then be added to any object by simply creating the relationship.

What I now want to do now is change the look of the subpanel. In fact I only want to change the look of the table that lists the tags inside the subpanel.

Instead of a table with a tag a line I want to display the tags sequentially in a line until the line is full and then in the next and so on.
At the moment the Subpanel looks like in the attachment. I allready removed the edit/delete buttons.

Any Idea where to start? I found include\SubPanel, but they seem quite messy to me. Is this the place to start?


Hi domcab!

So in order to change the subpanel you will need to create a module, lets call it “tags”. You would then use the tags module to store all the tags. Then you can customise the default subpanel of the tags modules so that the relationships to the tags module. To change the html is a little tricky as the sub panel system is pretty much setup to display a list view.

You will need to look into how to change the template for the sub panel. I am just guessing here…but you may be able to change the list view for the module so that it detects if it’s being used as a sub panel.

To contribute code back you will need to sign our contributor agreement on git hub and then pull request your changes into the develop / hotfix branches.


You should also consider purchasing JIm McKin’s Book SuiteCRM For Developers and check out some of the blogs made by the development team.



I hope that gives you a place to start.

Hi djsamson,

thanks for your advice. I allready have the module. I built it in Module Builder and use that as a basis. The subpanel is also customised and I found that I have to edit the


I think that I will have to provide a new widget for the remove button in order to display it as a “-” right of the tag.

It cost me some time to find my way down to the SubPanelDynamic.html but I learned a lot.

I allready known JIm McKin’s blog and I used his tips for customizing the look of the tag name. I think I will buy his book.