Tabs in SuiteCRM

I’m trying to create tabs instead of having subpanels in SuiteCRM.

Here’s what I did so far.

Enable tabs in the user profile section.
Redesigned Module Menu Filters so they show Activities, Leads, Opportunities, Accounts, etc menus.
Now I got the tabs showing at the bottom of each module.
But for some reason Activities tab is not showing activities subpanel inside it.
All other tabs are showing the corresponding subpanel inside of the tab, except Activities tab. Activities tab is only showing projects.

In Module Menu Filters I placed - Tasks, Calls, Meetins, Projects. But only projects are showing in the tab.

How can I make Activities subpanel to show under Activities tab? It’s showing in the menu just fine, but not in the tab.

Also how can I get rid of the ALL tab?


Please put screenshots of tabs for understanding your question correctly and help in better ways!