Tab column info

I created a new module and got the relationship that I want. The relationship is for accounts. So in the screen for the account there are the tabs for , Cases, Activities, History, quotes, etc… All good there. For the module tab I created the columns are Name and Date Created. This only shows in the list the date created info. How can I show the fields I created, also the Create tab doesn’t show the basic form, only offers the full form.

Have I missed an easy answer? If there is …


Sorry, it is not clear to me exactly what you’re trying to achieve, maybe because you mix more than one thing in a single sentence. If you can be a bit more detailed (on which screen you are, what you clicked, what you were trying to do, what resulted), and maybe add some screenshots, that would be helpful. Thanks

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Sorry I don’t mean to be vague.

So in the screen shot it shows Name and Date Created for columns of the records. I have two records associated with an account and there are two entries below the heading. I can click on the an edit button for each record and the underlying form will open. That is good. I want to show some of the fields that are associated with the records, similar to what happens with a Case or an Invoice or a Quote.

Thanks. And what to do you have in Studio, under the Accounts module, in the subpanel for your custom module? That is where you define which fields appear.

Well, I didn’t know about that area! Thank you very much that is exactly what I needed.