Synchronize fields from Leads to Accounts

Hello, I am primarily using the “Leads” and “Accounts” modules.
I have renamed “Leads” to “Prospects” and “Accounts” to “clients”. I know that’s not that big of a deal, it’s just part of our workflow.
I have created some additional fields to capture data during the client qualification process. Once we have determined that a prospect it now a client, we convert them and as an action we move all activities to the client or “account” so everything moves with it.

The question I have is, can the fields be synchronized or copied to the client or “accounts” when being converted?



For the data to be carried across through conversion of the lead, the field names must be the same for both Lead and Account fields.

i.e: If you created a custom field in leads called location_c, then you will have to also create a custom field in Accounts called location_c

John, thank you for the response, I will give this a try and keep my fingers crossed!

Thanks again!