Sync events to google


I have events and appointmens set-up in my calendar assigned to a user. Both show up in the users calendar, but the events aren’t syncing to Google calendar. Is this some bug, or not supported? Anything I can change to get it to sync?


What exactly did you do to sync? Did you copy the iCal URL and put it in Google Calendar?

Yes I did. Appointments/meetings are showing up, but events are not.

I’ve just tested it and I confirm “events” from the Events module don’t get included in the generated iCal, only meetings, tasks and calls.

From a quick look at the code this seems to be by design

All the references to the word “event” in that code seem to be about iCal events, but not “events” from the Events Module…

Maybe nobody ever remembered to ask for that feature, although it looks pretty obvious (the event sshow on the internal calendar, they should go into the generated iCal…)

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