Suppression List - by domain


When I am creating the Target List --> have a option of suppression List by domain --> when I choose this there is a field to add the domain.

But in this field i am able to pass only one domain value. But I need to block Multiple Domain for the particular target List created.

Can you Please suggest me the any Solution or the flow to be followed to overcome this flow.

Can you explain from the start?

We a have Option to Create the Target List --> with the type “Suppression List -By Domain” .

–> when I Choose the type “Suppression List By Domain” an Field " No Emails to Domain" is shown below this “Type field”
–> Field “No Emails to Domain” Accepts only one Domain to block the emails sending to that particular domain added in the field while running campaigns
–> But when I send an Campaigns for the Target list --> I want an Option where I can “BLOCK MULTIPLE DOMAIN” from sending emails.

Please let me know if this information looks fine for you, Please share the solution and do needful

I think you’re supposed to create several Suppression by Domain Target Lists, one for each domain, and then add the several Lists to your Campaign. But you’ll have to try it to see if it works as intended.

There are some explanations here

though they don’t say much about the “by domain” option.

Thanks For the Solution!!

But here we have to Block multiple domains Ex we have around 2k targets where we want to block around 15 domains. and this domain List may vary each time.

So creating 15 Target List does not solve my issue and it increases more manual efforts.

Please can you suggest anything that the tool could automatically block all the 15 domains. So we can user that option and add these domains there to block the emails sending to the respective domains blocked.

Maybe you can try a code customization, if you can write some PHP.

I would keep the existing scheme of “Suppresion by Domain Target List”, but let the user enter a comma-separated list like “,,” and then in the place where that list is being applied, turn it into a cycle that checks every bit.

Then you can contribute this code and we’ll put it on the main app :slight_smile:

We can write the PHP code for the same.

But can you help us under which file we have to place this Code so that it start working. As we tried to find out on which file to write the code but we was unable to find it out.

Please share the file path- so we implement the code there and test for multiple domain supression

I think you can probably track it down starting from here:

but you’ll have to look at those data structures and see how it works.

EDIT: be careful with the database: prospect_lists.domain_name only allows for 255 chars. Once you allow a list, people will say that is small… :frowning: