Summary of who will get emailed before committing to sending campaign emails

It makes me a little nervous whenever I send a second lot of emails in a marketing email campaign, as I need to make sure I don’t spam potential clients who I’ve already contacted. It would be really nice if we could see a summary of who will and won’t get emailed before we finally commit to sending them.

I’ve been told that ‘a new “Marketing Email Name” (4th step in the wizard) [tells] SuiteCRM it’s a different “sending” of the same Campaign, so that repeat addresses aren’t blocked.’ So, if I inadvertently changed the name I could re-email all the clients I’ve already emailed, which would not be good.

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Within one email campaign, emails are not gonna going twice. Duplicate emails will not be sent out.
But if you create a new email campaign or duplicate the existing one, Emails will go to each target.
In simple, email campaigns are not synced with each other to stop this duplication. But within one campaign this thing is implemented as per my knowledge.
Currently there is no feature to check that to whom emails will be sent out.
I can tell you a trick. You can disable " Run Nightly Mass Email Campaigns" scheduler job from “Admin>>Scheduler” and in then you can try sending emails. So all the emails will be queued before actually sending out. At this point you can take a look at to whom the campaign is triggering emails. You can also include your own “Email Address” in the actual target list to get an idea about how it is working (We can also use a Test Target List to check the output of campaign email template).