suitecrm workflow not working

Hi all,

The problem i facing now is workflow, i created workflow to check my contract, if this contract renewal date = now, system will send email to remind me. But it not working at all, can someone advise me how to solve this?

Appreciate that if you could help me solve this.

Thank you

Hi there,

Are any other workflows working? Do you have your scheduler set up?

Assuming that you have set up your schedulers correctly, have you tried with renewal date less than or equal to now?

I have created crontab for my CRM system, and my workflow is only check if renewal date equal today, then send email to contact manager.

Scenario : I created two workflow, one is check by today, another is check by now. After that I create new contract, and set renewal date today and time time is 12pm, after (workflow check by today) will send directly, but when the time reach 12pm (workflow check by now not working). Is that because this contract already sent by (workflow check by today), so once the time reach, this contact will not send again?

Below are the way i create my workflow, please advise me if i make any mistake.

What is the procedure to create a workflow, would you guide me how to set up workflow and how to create a proper workflow.

Do i need to create workflow before create contract ?