suiteCRM Vs SugarCRM


Sorry if this is the wrong area but what is the difference between suiteCRM and SugarCRM? They look very similar. We currently use SugarCRM 6.5 and looking at our upgrade options.


SuiteCRM is a fork of SugarCRM 6.5 CE that has been significantly enhanced with additional functionality and modules. SugarCRM has abandoned its open source routes SuiteCRM will never do that.

May I also add that in the SuiteCRM Forum users get a lot more helpful responses than it has been in the late SugarCRM Forum!

For me this is a very important aspect to consider in addition to the features as remarked by Andy.

What is the status of this with SuiteCRM in relation to SugarCRM CE? Is SuiteCRM considered a totally stand alone fork now, where we have opportunity to truly innovate and fork away? Or conversely, will new some more radical design concepts, get slowed down somewhat with the hope that SugarCRM CE will get new releases and SuiteCRM can merge to upstream?

I am very interested in helping add features to SuiteCRM however, as with any fork, there is always some hesitation to wait for the upstream to release changes to their project. The answers for above question will help guide me on how I manage my own customizations and whether I just black box them my own deployments or whether to submit change requests up to the SuiteCRM project.