SuiteCRM very slow for one user

We have a strange situation where one user if experiencing very slow speeds in SuiteCRM

I have proved it is her profile as if she logs in as another user on her PC it works properly

I tried resetting her preferences but that made no difference

Any ideas on how I can fix this would be much appreciated


What about Role? did you try to use her role in another user?

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I’m not sure I understand

She is in 9 different roles as are other users who have no problems

did you try to replicate her role/roles with another user, you just answered that, I had a similar problem before when a user did some weird things in the home page , an the logs were crazy loading dumb stuff. but I did reset her preferences and went all OK.

Can you check your logs? webserver’s and SuiteCRM’s logs, remember that webservers manage each session individually so one user can be killing his own process

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I have now proved it is not her roles

I removed her from all roles but it made no difference

Nothing showing in Sugarlogs

I’ll have a look at weblogs

This is now fixed :slight_smile:

It was caused by entries in the favourites table

They were probably a leftover from when we used Sugar Enterprise

Deleting them fixed the issue

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