SuiteCRM Version 7.1.4 [Sugar Version 6.5.18 (Build 1110)]: Tracking of "Viewed Message"

Hello folks,

I’m sitting here with a freh install of SuiteCRM (see version in title) and I already set up an email campaign and tested it. Everything works fine so far, except for one (probably the most important) thing:

In the campaign status, I see the “Messages Sent/Attempted”, below there is “Viewed Message” and “Click-thru Link”.

I set up a target list (type = default) with 4 users (employees actually), and all 4 users receive the email, but it only show that myself has read the message. Since we’re running on Outlook 2013 for the whole company, every of the 4 users has downloaded remote content when opening the email (I actually watch them do this), but “Viewed Message” won’t update. It keeps showing my credentials (and even updates my hit count if I open the email over and over again), but that’s it.

I’ve done research on this issue for almost 8h now and it seems this is a commonly known issue…and nobody seems to care.

Is there a fix for this?
This is really annoying and a CRM system without this feature is almost useless. And no, I will not install a different version unless SuiteCRM/SugarCRM pays my hourly salary since this is not the only ToDo on my list and I don’t have the time, motivation or will to do so. I already installed SugarCRM besides on a different machine and it’s the same. I know it’s open source and free, but c’mon guys, fix this since this issue must have been around for years!

Hi Moshpit,

This CRM system is far from useless. This is a massively extensible free to use open source CRM project driven by the community and our team.

You have not given any helpful details on your set-up, error logs.

We are aware of the click through bug, and will work to address this.