suiteCrm v8 release date?

Hi there!
In my business we are 99% convinced using suiteCrm. The only reason holding us back is that our policy is having only postgresql as database.
Our understanding is that with version 8, database layer will be abstract, allowing us to use PG.
We see no release data anywhere.

Any idea?


I am not sure about the release date either :huh:

There is an unfinished, draft Pull Request porting an old SugarCRM PostgerSQL connector to SuiteCRM:

It might be worth investing on that - PostgreSQL support for the current versions of SuiteCRM, since v. 8 will take some time to come out, and then will need some time to stabilize and improve, it’s a big change.

BTW, what is officially announced is release in “Q1 2020”:

reading this after some time … we have a Postgres Support and driver on SpiceCRM … you can find it in our public repo at … since it is teh same SugarCRM CE Core you might be able to extract it and also use the postgress driver on SuiteCRM.

Hello PGR,
I read the article you posted the link about… it’s about a new core framework… do you think Angular will replace the use of Php too?


No, nothing will replace PHP in SuiteCRM anytime soon. This is a huge app, nobody’s realistically going to rewrite it all in a single release…

Angular works with PHP and if I understand correctly, affects mostly the Javascript front-end.

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Thanks for your answer! I’m glad! :slight_smile:

Looking for an update here please…

Are there any updates on the release date of the full version of SuitCRM v8?