SuiteCRM upgrade 7.1.3 -> 7.2.1: Gantt and reports not working


I have upgraded my CRM to the new version, and found two problems that do not appear in a fresh installation of the SuiteCRM MAX 7.2.1.

I’ve attached some images to show the issue, has someone else the same situation?


Gantt not working: create tasks but the are not shown

Gantt working: using the example database

Reports not working: I can not add fields

Reports working: it is possible to drag and drop the fields

Perform a quick repair and rebuild, if that fails change permissions to 755 then do it again then change the permissions back.

Hello, thanks for the quick answer.

I have performed the quick repair and rebuild using the original permissions (777 because it’s a localhost used for testing) and using 755, with no changes.


Same here. Did a fresh install of version 7.2.1 with an empty database and have the same symptoms.

Used the console in the browser and saw several resources from the cache folder were not being loaded. Applied 775 permissions on the cache folder and files and everything works now.