Suitecrm update

Versión 7.9.17
Sugar Versión 6.5.25

I have the intention of updating my suitecrm but I have some doubts about this, the first is that I modify the modules in the custom directory, will this change remain after the collation or disappear ?.
Also add some files in the installation directory, would these files also be deleted or would they stay?
In the same way in the database add some functions and trigger as well as independent tables, after the update all these changes will disappear or remain?

the simple answer is

  1. Whatever inside “custom” directory, suite will not touch.
  2. Whatever inside “core” suitecrm directory whille time of downloading it, is at high risk to loose your code.

Hope makes sense.

Thanks for answering.
And as for the modifications that were made in BD?

Upgrade Rules

  1. Take 100% instance backup
  2. Take 100% database backup
  3. Down your live site during the upgrade, so that other can’t access.
  4. Create a clone site to upgrade.
  5. Collect all required route patch files for upgrade.

Suite usually appened fields during the upgrade process, so essentially no harm to a database, still keep safe yourself with everything backup and upgrade clone site, not a live site.

SuiteCRM upgrade is easy but you need to take care of your data. If you are new, get help from certified developers right away.