SuiteCRM: Trouble with Module Edit/Export

Hi Folks,

I have couple of issue:

  1. Do we have access to modify the fields which are going to export directly from modules?" and "When creating a new account, or editing an existing title, or doing a bulk upload, the window is only one/two options wide. Can this box be any bigger- even if it’s just a couple of options wider otherwise it’s going to need a whole lot of scrolling to find the required fields.

  2. When we export data from any module directly into excel from a search (not via a report) is it possible that we can have access to modify the fields which are being exported. As in my case there is 2 fields are not getting exported however both of them are coming in detailed view of that module.


I don’t really the answer, but Googling about it I found here couple of techniques

You can also consider doing an export routine of your own (as an Entry point, check Developer Guide) or extracting data directly from the Database (via phpMyAdmin, for example). That way you have the full power of SQL.