SuiteCRM Test Data

So recently i started looking into suitecrm.
i setup requirements etc.
once i started looking into the tests i noticed that those would not work with my data ( dump from productive system) and the demo data.

is there a way to handle this withou rewriting ca 30-35 tests?

What exactly do you mean by “the tests”? The ones on Github, borrowed from SugarCRM? That’s not very complete yet. Work on this is scheduled for the next version, 7.10…

Can you expand on what “does not work”? What software are you currently using?

It’s very straight-forward bringing data into Suite, assuming your existing system is able to create an export file of some kind. You then simply map (match up) the fields between systems.

(If your export format is not one of Suite’s acceptable import formats, you may need to use an “intermediary” (such as Excel) to reformat the data).

Yes the tests from Github. I have to setup ci and cd. so i started looking into the tests already existing.
The data is a export from a current prod system of suite with same versions.

Suite version 7.7.6
sugar version 6.5.24

@paullm he’s talking about the automatic tests that run on Github every time you submit a Pull Request to contribute to the app.


You can keep up with the most current developments here

Basically, the team is still setting up tests; and the SugarCRM tests were pulled in very recently, they are only partially integrated. There’s a branch on GitHub called feature/codeception that has the more advanced developments, but it hasn’t been merged into master, hotfix an develop yet, and needs to be, so the tests take effect.

As soon as the new Email Module stabilizes I think you will see the team focusing more on these tests, at least that seems to be the plan.

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