SuiteCRM taking too long to install

The installation of suiteCRM is taking way too long to install everything and i am really unsure why this is happening. Can anyone help?

Did a clean install of 7.11.2 today which went ok but then SuiteCRM keeps hanging, requiring a forceful reboot of the server. Can’t see anything in the logs causing it. Installation was via the web installation process, not composer. If I figure out what’s happening in more detail I’ll post here in case it’s useful to you.


I found that it works if you ask your hosting provider to kill your processes on the server then try reinstalling again.


stewie2, this is highly unusual and seems to be some problem with your server configuration.

I would start by looking at the resource limits in php.ini:

memory_limit (at least 256MB, but 512MB is better)




Check also for missing PHP modules. The web server error log is a good place to see waht is going wrong.

However, all of these things would normally crash your installation with a FATAL error, not hang it indefinitely.

@pgr This has been resolved since yesterday. :slight_smile: