SuiteCRM synchronise with Google Contacts, Calendar, APP?

Hi there,

first of all thanks in advanced. I´m new to all this and i was looking to sync google contacts with suitecrm, i have been looking through the posts with no luck is there already something to get it done? otherwise is this possible to do with sugarcrm community edition ? As i said i’m completely new into CRM and all this stuff will be great to have some useful tips.


I’ve looked into this as well. The most popular solution for SugarCRM is here:

Unfortunately it’s not compatible with SuiteCRM. They claim to be working on it, but as of today it doesn’t work. The other down side is that it’s $5 /mo per user. I’m a much bigger fan of either OS or a one-time fee.

The other possibility I’ve found is here:

I emailed the author and was told that it has 100% compatability with Suite. It’s also a one-time fee of $199. The down side is that it doesn’t do Gmail archiving. However, I’m using the “Email to Sugar” project for that. It took a while to get working right, but it (knock on wood) seems to be doing okay now.

All of the documentation for Email to Sugar has magically disappeared since Sugar decided to give the open source community the middle finger. If it would be beneficial I’ll throw together a short guide on how to set it up.

Hi Maththew,

i really appreciate your help, i would be considering the second option for suite as you said it’s one time fee i’m more fun also. what does it mean that doesn’t do gmail archiving?

As i said i don’t know much about all this stuff i’m completely new.

By the way, have you tried sugar and suite? which is better, i have a real estate agency and that’s for what i will be using it.

Thanks a lot for your help and time


Hi Carl,

SugarCRM has left his community and the CE version is deprecated - So there is no decision to go on SuiteCRM.
We are insurance brokers, ie Industry-specific turnkey solutions you will not find in other CRM`s, therefore, SuiteCRM is the perfect solution to develop your system’s requirements.

GoogleSync - the version solutions - just YouAddon - help you unfortunately only as long as the Sugar version is current, then you have to buy a new module. Modules that are compatible with SugarCRM 6.5.20, are also compatible with SuiteCRM 7.2.1 - at least as long as the Core function is changed.

What’s working well is andYahtit CRM Inbox - both in the AppStore. These solutions are, of course, with a monthly fee, but just as quickly discarded when they are no longer needed. We have used both. Calendar can retrieve via iCal you in Google - until now oneway

We archive mails now exclusively in SuiteCRM directly, no Synclösung offers so many possibilities as the core product. Even if the view is a bit the day.

Many greetings

I looked into Collabspot. On their website it specifically states they don’t support SuiteCRM. Are you having success with it Wieland?

Also… Yes. SugarCRM is no longer being actively developed. SuiteCRM is the only way to go at this point.


Suite 721 based on Sugar 6.5.20 - as long as the affected core functions are not changed there is no difference.
For Collabspot You need no additional installation in the CRM and should work. I’ve even used until a few weeks ago. In order to have a functional variables have Calendar syncronisation. You should use the Premium version otherwise you have to as you add new appointment a few hours to wait until Google adds this.

Just use the Trail - Add and test in Chrome. The support is great, so I do not think it fails because you do not get Helps.

I’ve been trying to get Collabspot to sync my calendar with no luck. I would love for it to work. But whether I sync through the Google Apps widget or the Collabspot Portal, the SugarCRM calendar isn’t created in my Google Calendar. I’m trying to work through it with tech support.

In YourAddOn they claim that it works with Suite 7.2 <–read comments.

I’ll maybe try it.