SuiteCRM subpanel create/select button hide for non-admin users in all modules


I want to hide subpanel create/select button for non-admin users in all modules
I know this can be done by changing in a file,

but I am looking for an upgrade-safe manner to do the same

Please let me know if anyone has any suggestions for this?

Have you tried to create it under the custom folder. I have done for different things to make them upgrade safe. If the folder doesn’t exists you can create manually.


Please let me know if it works.


Already tried this, not working
Reason being include/subpanel/subpanel.php only including subpanel definition file placed in include folder, not checking any custom path


Well I make it work using after_ui_frame , but I am looking for better option.

Did you perform a Quick repair?

Yes ofcourse

I think some files are never expected to be under the custom folder. I’m working on the inlineEditing.js file and unfortunately it doesn’t work on the custom folder. I guess we need to keep control of that file manually. If you find the solution please let us know.


Yes I find the solution, get it to work using afte_ui_frame logic hook :slight_smile: