Suitecrm sendReminders function doesn't work

Hi to all, i have a problem with email reminder in my crm (7.9.11). I’ve created a remind, and i have in my scheduler the “send notification scheudler”. But actually nothing happens. I’ve check in the suitecrm log but 0, i’ve edited the sendReminder function to create a custom log to write in my file log but nothing happended. There is a way to debug or fix this? thanks

my custom code on ine 192 of EmailReminder.php :

foreach ($recipients as $r) {
            $mail->addAddress($r['email'], $GLOBALS['locale']->translateCharsetMIME(trim($r['name']), 'UTF-8', $OBCharset));
            if (!$mail->send()) {
                $GLOBALS['log']->fatal("Email Reminder: error sending e-mail (method: {$mail->Mailer}), (error: {$mail->ErrorInfo})");

Is this solved on your other thread?

Or is it something different?

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the problem was the same actually, so, fixed