SuiteCRM Security Group Setting and Role Management

[color=#000088][size=4]Dear Experts,

I want to setup security groups and roles in suitecrm 7.6.6.

Now the scenario is like this:

We have 5 roles:

  1. Sales Manager (Head/Manager of specific office) -> They can see own record and sales agents working under him
  2. Sales Agent (Employees working in specific office and under sales manager ) -> Can see their own record(created + assigned)
  3. Customer Service -> They can see records assign to him by admin
  4. Fulfillment -> They can see record assign to them by customer service user
  5. Admin (Can view everything)

Till here everything is working fine.

But the issue begins here,

If admin assigns record created by any “Sales Agent” to any other user of customer service and then customer service users will assign that record to fulfillment then the original owner(Sales Agent) not able to see the record.

I want to apply the functionality in which each sales agent would be able to see the record which was created by him. :frowning:

Thank you very much in advance,
Prafull Satasiya


have you read this?

For me it was really helpful.