Suitecrm Rest API - Get entry List

Hi Guys,

I need to get only the email addresses of accounts & contacts , I have the raw query as follows,

SELECT email_addresses.email_address, email_addr_bean_rel.bean_module from email_addresses LEFT JOIN email_addr_bean_rel on  email_addr_bean_rel.email_address_id = WHERE email_addr_bean_rel.bean_module IN ('Accounts','Contacts');

How can I implement the same in get_entry_list API ?? Otherwise, whether it is possible to use raw DB queries in my API file which is located at /service/outlook/getemails.php?

FYI … I have tried to use raw db queries but got error.

Please help and suggest… Thanks in advance

Hi rxrider,

you can follow the instructions in the official documentation:

You can extend and rewrite the RestApi methods