SuiteCRM - Reports - Conditions & Charts Tab Problem

I am having a problem accessing the “Conditions & Charts” tabs on the Reporting module. This seems to be a very unusual set of parameters and it may be some sort of permissions problem, but I have no idea where I need to make a change. Can you help?

I am running a Bitnami SuiteCRM stack that was originally installed as v7.3.2-0. I did an increment upgrade to 7.4.3, stopped the servers, and rebooted the laptop. I then did the incremental upgrade to 7.6.6, stopped the servers, and rebooted the laptop. Before the upgrades, I followed the prerequisites defined in the “Upgrade - SuiteCRM Documentation”. No error messages were displayed during the upgrades.

Now SuiteCRM is at 7.6.6 and the installdir is still /home/crm_admin/suitecrm-7.3.2-0. The installdir name did not change with the 2 upgrades.

I login into Linux Mint using the crm_admin userid (admin privileges) and start the SuiteCRM servers using the Bitnami GUI. I can then login to SuiteCRM with with either an admin or user signin and see my application. I go to the “Reports” module and open one of my testing reports, and “edit” the report. I can see the new report screen layout with the “Fields”, “Conditions” and “Charts” tabs. I can add or delete fields from the “Fields” tab.

However, I can not access the “Conditions” or “Charts” screens. I click on the either tab, and nothing happens. This behavior is the same for either a SuiteCRM admin or user login.

Now, the strange parts of the situation.

  1. In the crm_admin desktop, I can open a Firefox browser window and connect to the the SuiteCRM “demo” server. I can see the “Fields”, “Conditions” and “Charts” tabs in the report module and create test reports. So my browser (Firefox v47.0) seems to be OK.
  2. . If I switch users on the laptop and login to a different laptop admin or user account, I can connect to the SuiteCRM servers using I can see the “Conditions” and “Charts” tabs when accessed this way. Why is access allowed from a different laptop Linux Mint userid?
  3. . If I connect to the server from different desktop systems (Firefox browsers 47.0 and 47.0.1, and XP, Win 7 Pro, and Linux Mint, http://192.168.0.xx:8080/suitecrm), I can use the “Conditions” and “Charts” tabs.
    So the Reports edit tabs seem to be working correctly except when the database is accessed from the same desktop userid as the installed SuiteCRM laptop account.

A status update.

I had installed a separate Bitnami SuiteCRM Stack (v7.6.6) along side the 7.3.2 stack. The 7.6.6 new installation did not migrate the changes I made to the 7.3.2 modules (nor should it now that I think about it). That is when I did the incremental upgrades from 7.3.2 to 7.4.3 to 7.6.6 on the original Bitnami stack.

According to Bitnami, the two stack should be totally separate from each other.

Since the New 7.6.6 Stack did not meet my requirements, I uninstalled the 7.6.6 stack and this problem seems to have gone away. I am guessing that the 2 different installations might of had conflicting permissions. I do not know.