SuiteCRM removes code for bullet formatting in tiny editor? ✏

Hi guys.
So i just made a custom coded e-mail template and it seems that SuiteCRM did remove my awesome code with:

<li>someting here</li>
<li>someting here</li>
<li>someting here</li>

At least when you look in the leads sent e-mails and view that e-mail the bullet formatting is completely gone. Is this some kind of know bug in SuiteCRM and is there a way to solve it?

Kind regards

That depends on where you’re saving the template, and where you’re using it. Frequently there is over-zealous string clean-up that messes up templates.

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Hi pgr :smiley:
Well just the general email template storage in second attempt. (Create new e-mail template), I first just tried with copy paste the code into the editors → view → source code and hit save. But that seems to failed miserably

I have now saved the code directly in the “email_template” entry in the database. It seems to work. I haven’t fully tested it though. At least the editor is not allowed to mess around with the code when you save it directly in the database.

On side note/related thing:
Its also sort of getting weird when you freestyle compose a email as sometimes when you make a space with shift+ enter (because i I just want one line), the tiny WYSIWYG editor seems to ignore that space line and contract the text to one massive block, (which is sort of embarrassing when a e-mail hits customer with one big block text). Maybe i should stick to just hit “enter” when i do that? :thinking:

I have drifted to using simple text editors for everything related to emails and templates. I then use my add-on PowerReplacer to do the work of making HTML marking and CSS inlining in a way that SuiteCRM can’t touch.

All other options are not satisfactory to me, I don’t think the current approach of tinkering with what we put in emails is productive in any way…

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Hi @pgr - can you post a web- link to more info on that approach?

Yep, its bit of a hustle to be forced to save directly in the database tables. It would be nice if they fixed these glitches in SuiteCRM , just like my other posted thread here about the UI not saving users/user email/system email passwords and so forth.
In system as mature as SuiteCRM one could think these glitches would have ben fixed ages ago… No idea why though… :thinking:

It makes it less accessible to new users that is less tech savvy and they just go with one of the big expensive “freebee” systems such as Hubspot, Zoho instead which is a shame as SuiteCRM loses market shares on it.

@DJuser the demo video on my PowerReplacer add-on is the best I can provide.

On the Email Templates module, the editor that you select in each user’s profile is used, so I go with Direct HTML editor.

On the Emails module, however (in the Compose window) SuiteCRM ignores that option and always uses TinyMCE. So for my add-on I changed that and made it use the user-profile-configured editor, so I can use Direct HTML also there.